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Express your thoughts, desire and hope through your stories


Connect with a heart.

Live a life of empowerment.

Influence to accomplish.

I am an advocate of a personal storytelling. I volunteer and reach people to connect and collaborate.  I want to inspire all women who love to express their thoughts, desire and hope through their stories.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Release your inner passion you have in mind and let it be your power.  I believe in the power of interaction.


Connect with a heart by making a significant impact on people’s lives. A genuinely concerned for individual. An opportunities to give one”s self to better others.


Live a life of empowerment by thriving to see individual reach their potential and add value to THEIR lives.


Influence to accomplish by getting individual to participate, get involved in achieving greater things and makE a difference.


Hi, I’m Maeann, a wife, a friend and a blogger. 

🎯My Advocacy

I am an advocate of personal storytelling, an ambassador, encourager at World Pulse. World Pulse is a platform that provides a safe space where every woman’s voice can rise to make a difference. I volunteer and reach people to connect and collaborate.

I am an empowered woman, who believes that we have a choice to get the most out of our life. I am a leader by heart, and I never stop looking for opportunities to lift people to their potential. I never underestimate the power of an encouraging word. There is an old saying: To lead yourself, use your head; to lead others, use your heart. I take to initiate to connect with people and make the effort to continue building relationships by encouraging individual to involved in a voluntary work intended to help people such as outreach to the homeless, those who are deprived by basic necessities like food, shelter, education; and activities for a cause to benefits children who needs treatment. (original profile posted on

In 2019, I led a campaign online to partner with women or those speakers who want to share knowledge about their advocacy or topic that they are experienced through a webinar. This webinar goes Livestream via Facebook live.

I cohort with women, as Featured Changemakers (SheTransformsTech), a group of trailblazing women from 16 countries using digital tools in their work to create a more gender-equal world.

🏅Awarded as the Top 10, 2020’s Most Active Encouragers, World Pulse Spirit Awards Encourager Runner UP 2020 and a Featured Storyteller 2019.

👩‍💻 My Experienced

I worked in a non-profit organization for 18 years handling Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management and Office Administration.

I am trained and skilled on logistics and procurement, with deployment experienced from various emergency response.

💟My Sweet Spot
I like to established a Care Home for older people. A safe haven where better facility, good weather condition, trained care assistant are provided to care for them, so they can live better, feel better and live longer.

✍️My Present
We face a myriad of problems in life. We need a dose of encouragement daily. I encourage because words have power. Every word can bring a difference to a person who needs to be seen and cared about. I connect with a heart by making a significant impact on people’s lives. Thriving to see individual reach their potential and add value to their lives.

Thank you for reading some of my posts. Feel free to leave a comment or to ask anything that interest you.

I would like to connect with you, to listen and to hear you.

To know more about what I do, please visit World Pulse Philippines Page  

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