Thank you for Celebrating with us on our 3rd year Anniversary!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! World Pulse PH “SANA ALL” Call for Story.

1st Prize winner, Pallabi Gosh “SANA ALL” I SURVIVE

“The storyteller shares her experience and the experience of the girls she rescued, which tugs at the readers’ hearts. It’s a story of hope both for her and the many girls and women who can read her story and the girls she helps. It resonates with many women in similar situations because it tells them that anyone can be part of the solution and that we can all help each other regardless of our status.” – Dhidhak Bandalan

2nd Prize Winner, Sheena Radam “SANA ALL” A GOOD STEWARD OF TIME

“ohhh, SANA ALL indeed dearest Sheena! Time is something I am still juggling up to now. How I wish to have plenty of it to spend with my family cozily. Work is always one’s top priority to fare through life. But God is good, let’s enjoy the process and live each day to the fullest.” -Rahnee Candaza

3rd Prize Winner, Cristy Sabado “SANA ALL” I SURVIVE

“I admire you, Cristy, for being strong & resilient. As I always tell my friends, we all have challenges in life. These challenges make us stronger, and one good thing about them is that we learn from our challenges & have the opportunity to share our stories with others. That’s what you did!” – Lia Ocampo

4th Prize Winner, Doleh Khan “SANA ALL” WORK FROM HOME

“It’s the story of everyone who experienced working from home. It is relatable at the same time, in touch with reality.” – Dhidhak Bandalan

Consolation Prize, Rojeanne Jimenez “SANA ALL” MAY JOWA

“RoJeanne, I was smiling while reading your story. It’s fun and realistic. I have some friends who can relate. You have great advice as well.” – Lia Ocampo

We invite EVERYONE to CELEBRATE with us on February 11, 2023, Saturday at 7:00PM PH | 11:00AM UK | 4:00PM PAKISTAN | 4:30PM INDIA via Zoom, Livestream via Facebook Page at World Pulse Philippines.

Thank you, Committee Members and Supporter: Rojeanne Jimenez, Paulina Nayra, Rahnee Candaza, Dhidhak Bandalan, Myra Tambor and Lia Ocampo.

Originally posted on on January 28, 2023.