I learned the hard way that I should not trust my money with other people even with a close friend, family or relatives.  Money changes a person, from either good or bad.

It was 8 years ago, when my husband and I invested our hard-earned money to a wrong person and fall on a pitfall lies of investment.  It’s hard to recall the story again, because for 5 years we need to pay the debt we owe, grieved the loss of money and try to move on with what we have.  It’s heart breaking, devastating lessoned but it is our mistake, a failed dream.

We file a lawsuit against the person, but failed.  We decided to move on since it will be another waste of time, money and energy.  Only God knows what happened to the person who took advantage to us.

Fast forward to the present, we adopted “I manage my money” meaning, never let other people manage your money to invest or for investment.  You decide and you choose what is best for you, but sometimes even the riches, nor wisest, nor brightest person can be deceived by sweet promises and returns.

How we can avoid this? There are so many ways, but as they said, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” not to invest all of your resources into a single thing that you might lose everything.  You need to fall first so you yourself will know how to be wiser and clever the next time.  Because life is like that, you will never know as long you experience it with yourself. 

Whenever I look back at our failures, we are still grateful for what happened.  It thought us to be wiser, never trust money with anyone and never trust money for ourselves. 

Our dreams and emotions sometimes bring us to a financial crisis.  Our financial failure doesn’t have to be a dead-end, there is still a chance.

Whenever there is an open door for investment, I would always stop for a while, remember what mistakes we did and how we’ve suffered, and thought a thousand times, if this is worth it, and if not, then we back out.  We don’t want that will happen again even with a small amount of money.

My failures are my teacher in life.  One thing for sure that this person who took advantage to us, he was the one who lost, not us.

photo credit canva.

Originally published at  World Pulse https://www.worldpulse.org on November 4, 2022.