I want to share with you the strategy we did from the past crowdfunding campaign with World Pulse Philippines when we had a community sharing effort of World Pulse PH last year of 2022.

Crowdfunding is raising a money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via online platforms.

First thing we did was to establish a committee who are willing to be part of the campaign and willing to be assign to handle some task such as:

1. To buy grocery items and pack it.

2. To coordinate with the recipient, and bring the grocery items to them.

3. To receive and account the donation and provide summary report of expenses.

4. Post the campaign and share story on social media.  Create a poster invite.  Make sure to provide update like positing action photos, and what’s the progress of the campaign.

5. Send thank you email and provide photos, update to those who give their donations.

6. Make sure those who agreed to shoulder shipment of token of appreciation were well received by the donor. 

Second was to set an objective, target number of recipients, themes, how much donation we will ask.  In our poster and content campaign, we completely provide the information such as:

1.  The purpose of the donation

2. What are the lists of grocery gift packs

3. Where to send their donation

4. Minimum amount of money they can donate

5. How many recipients will receive the items

6. Location of recipients

7. Deadline to give their donation

8. Email and Facebook link if they have question or query.

The difference of this campaign was that we gave a calligraphy artwork as a token of appreciation considering that the donor will shoulder the shipment of the artwork.  We are thankful for Rahnee Candaza who donated her calligraphy artwork to World Pulse Philippines.

The fundraise campaign’s goal is to be a blessing on Christmas season.  We did not aim for a high target recipient because we are not sure how many will support the campaign.  We depend on the donation that will be raised.  We also consider the amount that is affordable and convenient to give.

One important aspect of every campaign that I learned is communication and connection.  The first support and responders to your campaign are your connection who believe with the same initiatives.  I cannot do it alone if without the World Pulse PH Sisters.  That is why before you create your campaign for fundraising you need a TEAM who would as well support and contribute.

No matter how much you write, or even if you have a great stories, know that some don’t read long stories, or even check on your post on Facebook or any platform.  What I did was to send a direct message to those whom I know personally or those who might be of interest but have no time to read.  I reach them through message, and I  will let them decide if they response or not.

On any fundraising campaign, don’t expect much!  Instead, just enjoy what you do.  If they will support you, thank them.  If they will ignore it, understand them because some has their own way of supporting maybe it’s not your campaign.

When you fundraise, make sure you yourself should prepare to shoulder some admin expenses, be a donor of yourself and guard your integrity.

photo credit canva.

Originally published at  World Pulse https://www.worldpulse.org on December 2, 2022