I am so pleased to share with you that World Pulse Philippines is celebrating its 3rd year Anniversary. Yahooo!!!

We will have a call for story contest again with a new topics. You may read the blog post we wrote from last year anniversary, acknowledging the winners of “Ito ang aking Istorya” and fund raise for Christmas groceries- “Ambit” (a community sharing effort of World Pulse PH) World Pulse PH 2nd Anniversary 

This year call for story, entitled “SANA ALL” (a combination of the Filipino and English language. It is an expression used to wish or hope for an individual accomplishment or success. Sana all” is a Filipino slang phrase that can often be heard when someone is envious of something another person has. It conveys a hope that they can also have that thing in their own life, whether it be a lover, a high grade in a test, or a successful career).

I encourage you to draw the story out from you. I have listed some topics that might interest or resonates you.

“Sana All” May Jowa (are you desperate to be bride? Or just getting impatient because you your age is no longer on the calendar? What do you fear of being single? What else you are waiting for?)

“Sana All” Work from home (What are your thoughts about working from home? What you think are the pros and cons).

“Sana All” Can Sleep (Can’t Sleep? you are awake, and you want to be asleep! Have you suffered insomnia from time to time? Share tips that help us sleep better in the nights to come).

“Sana All” I Survive (Just surviving these days? share a story of how you bravely survive each day or from an adversity you are facing right now).

“Sana All” What’s one thing I can do today? (Share one thing you have in mind, a new idea that you thought might work or you want to accomplish).

“Sana All” What is your if’s and but’s (share a poem of your If’s and But’s of disappointment, discouragement, hope, love, gratitude or dreams? Example: I’m happy, but not thankful; If only I listen to my Mother, I would be a teacher today).

Share your stories here: https://www.worldpulse.com/join

Your story will be featured on social media: World Pulse Philippines Page, World Pulse PH Facebook group, Twitter and Instagram.

Winners will receive cash prize:

🌟1st Prize P1,700 ($30)

🌟2nd Prize P1,500 ($26)

🌟3rd Prize P1,000 ($17)

🌟4th Prize P600 ($10)

1st Prize winner will receive African Fabric from Ms. Dhidhak Bandalan.

*dollar may vary based on exchange rates

Deadline of submission is on January 23

On World Pulse PH we want to L.E.A.D.

Link with women who want to be heard and make an impact through the power of her story.

Encourage women to be part of a worldwide sisterhood where we can speak and lift each other through the World Pulse platform.

Advocate individual’s aspirations by collaboration to benefits children, young girls, and women in our community.

Develop World Pulse PH Sisterhood through active participation as an encourager, share stories, join meet-ups and support any campaign online or offline.

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Originally published at  World Pulse https://www.worldpulse.org on November 5, 2022.

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