In the midst of the uncertainty and challenges brought by this pandemic, we can still celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

World Pulse Philippines find ways to be meaningful by sharing our blessings with others. World Pulse PH “Ambit” is a small way to bring joy and smiles to in need families in Leyte.

Big “THANK YOU” for your DONATION, without you, this initiative will not be successful.  There is no greater happiness to see families who are in need to receive a pack of Christmas groceries they can enjoy on Christmas eve.

We believed, that every act of generosity can make a big difference and you made it possible to happen.

We acknowledge the time and effort of World Pulse sister, Rahnee who freely donated her artwork calligraphy as token of appreciation for those who gave their donation. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of 2022.

Thank you, Committee members and supporter: Rojeanne Jimenez, Paulina Nayra, Rahnee Candaza, Dhidhak Bandalan, Josie Ortiz, Myra Tambor, Lia Ocampo and Blanche Yamba

If you have question, query please email us at or visit our Facebook Page World Pulse Philippines

Originally published at on December 16, 2021.