What do we do now? We have been raising our voice since 1991 where the call for the preventions and elimination of violence against women and girls was started.

From 2011, 125 countries have specific laws that penalize domestic violence. The United Nations Security Council recognizes sexual violence as a deliberate tactic of war. And in International law, it is now possible to prosecute sexual violence crimes during and after conflict.

Violence against women remains one of the most widespread human rights violations yet one of the least prosecuted crimes.  Across the world, women and girls universally experienced sexual violence, abuse and rape.

We need to protect our mothers, sisters and daughters. Everyday reality, there is fear of violence.  We know that women carry heavy burden why that violence should be a burden to a woman?

Man can be physically strong but can’t give birth without a woman. Every man came out from a woman and they should respect woman as their mother and sister.

I call on to individual who are creating violence inside home, public spaces like schools, streets, buildings, government offices, spaces used as evacuation centers, in offices. Whether in private or public places. Women and young girls have rights to be safe, inviolable. 

We can prevent violence by changing norms through education and public awareness campaigns.  Let our young people engage as a bridge of change.  Let us promote and raise up a leader that stand for women and girls.

The government need to STAND up a full implementation of the law and its penalties on Gender Based Violence. We should have effective laws and prosecution of perpetrators to end impunity. Mandate every institutions and workplaces to create a committee to address complaints. Encourage survivor to report violence and provide strong lawyer, with free service to depend the survivor.

If each country has national response on disaster, there should also be gender- based violence response.

Our voice should not be silence or ignored.  If Violence against women and girls continues in every country and community, we will continue to speak and rise our voice for them.

The time is NOW! Let us stamp out violence against women and girls through small actions that can create big impacts.

Let me end sharing this poem I originally composed:

How long will I hear wave of violence, blown and tossed by the wind?

How long will I look at the face of injustices mirrored in the hill?

How long must I smell burns of oppression clung against my will?

You blind of truth who walk staggers with your drunkenness.

Writhe like a woman in labor.

Wake up from a deep sleep.

You deaf of wailing, who hear disaster you cannot escape

Sweep you with a wind of destruction.

Turn back and fear your end.

You mute of justice, who acquit the guilty for a bribe.

Shut up in prison, trampled on your feet.

Utter shame, cry out, gasp and pant.

You blind and see!

You deaf and hear!

You mute and speak!

Originally published https://www.worldpulse.com on December 6, 2021