Congratulations to our World Pulse PH “Ito ang aking Istorya” Finalist.

Rojeanne Jimenez, read her thoughts on how to care for our mental health,

“Ang Mental Health ay isang napaka-seryosong problema ng bawat bansa. Hindi dapat ito ipagwalang bahala. Lagi niyong tatandaan na sa bawat pag-subok na kinakaharap natin, laging merong liwanag na nag-hihintay sa atin.” -Rojeanne Jimenez-

Cristy Sabado, read her compelling story on how Covid19/pandemic made an impact to her family

“I came to know World Pulse Philippines and it’s a good changing experience learning that there are people that I may now know personally that can relate with you and can understand what we are going through. And in simple words and reactions that they express, it’s a big thing for me as it boosts my morale and I felt that I have touch their hearts.” -Cristy Sabado-

Patricia Ramota, expresses her hope through a wonderful poem

May your mind keep quiet for a little longer, just enough for you to dream again.

May you remember these hopes every time you feel lost.

And if you find yourself having a hard time believing these words, may you forgive yourself and let yourself hope again. -Patricia Ramota-

Sheena Radam, to hope for the coming year is to look forward and be optimistic of what lies ahead of us.  Read her HOPE for 2022,

“By faith, I believe that the year 2022 will be a year of great victories, amazing breakthroughs, outpouring of material and spiritual blessings, and strengthened and thriving relationships.” -Sheena Radam-

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