In the last month of July this year, we received the saddest news… a far relative which we consider a good friend committed suicide. At first, we cannot believe it. We never thought that he was suffering and this pandemic added anxiety, thinking he can’t handle the things that are happening and will happen. 

It is scary to know the last thought and feelings of a person who finally decided to finish his/her own life.

If only we reach him. If only we know his situation. If only. 

But If, is already too late.  

These words… I see you! I hear you! I am Listening! I ask myself who needs this most? And how can I send this message to let them know that I CARE and that they are not ALONE?

Usually, I invite a friend for a coffee to have a chat. I go home and visit my family/relatives. But because of this covid19, it limits me to interact with my family and friends face to face.

When you chat with them or a video call, they don’t usually share their feelings. Seldom do people say that they are depressed because they are shy to show their weakness.

When did you ask how are you? I am okay, but deep inside they are not okay.

I want them to know that, they are important, they have a purpose, they are loved.  

Some may not aware that they are depressed. I once had the experience of being depressed, never thought I was. But I was able to write down how I felt and realize I was depressed ( 

I choose to fight and live because I have a dream and a purpose. I have to make things beautiful around me. I am responsible for creating my memories. The best investment is me, so I need to invest in myself.

I cannot control what other people do to me. I cannot control what other people do around me. But I can control how I respond. I should not please others by what I wear or what I post on social media. I avoid posting on my newsfeed things that trigger envy, jealousy, or comparisonitis.

Do not try to change anyone. You can only change yourself. Don’t put yourself under stress or pressure, on something that you cannot control.

We are equal to complete each other. 

How I reach and send this message to those who are feeling down?

I challenge myself to make a video of an exercise that I will do daily for 25 days. This idea is not originally my idea. My main purpose is to send this message to those who are undergoing depression whether he/she acknowledges it, hiding it, or in denial. 

This is not about who had the first idea (I admire who initiated this idea, I give credit to them). This is not getting more likes and love on social media.  

This is about the PURPOSE of the MESSAGE. The message is no one should feel that they are alone. The message is to SAVE LIFE. The message is I LOVE YOU! I SEE YOU! I HEAR YOU! I AM LISTENING! 

Not everyone can express their feeling thru writing. Not everyone can express their feelings thru speaking. My action of reaching them out is a simple way to let them know I AM HERE FOR YOU. I will be your VOICE!  


Here is what I post on Facebook, and I’m on the 3rd Day Challenge.


I see you! I hear you! I am Listening! 

Depression is real, not to be ashamed of. I was there too, but I choose to fight and live because I have a dream and a purpose. You too! 


You have a PURPOSE! 

You are LOVED!

I will do this to show YOU that I CARE for YOU! 

A 25 days Physical Challenge (any fitness, exercise will do) 25 counts for 25 days.


*Choose any exercise you preferred daily or depends on your pace and finish it by 25 counts for 25 days

*Take a video of yourself

*Copy-paste this and post your video on your newsfeed

*Each day/post nominate a family or friend 

Day 3 of 25, I am challenging ___________

Together let us BREAK the SILENCE!!!

You are not ALONE! 

I am here…

Ways you can help someone who is feeling down:

1.let them know you care and are there to listen

2.accept them as they are, without judging them them to stay active, eat good food and get a good night’s sleep

4.find support groups and psychological therapy services which may be available

5.stay in touch with them by messaging, texting, phoning, or meeting for coffee – people who are depressed can become isolated and may find it difficult to leave their home

6. try to be patient

7.take care of yourself


I am not an expert advisor on mental health. What I know is I need SELF CARE to improve my health, sustain my well-being and happiness.

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The Aspire Reinvent Women conference I attended ignited myself to continue to encourage because encouragement is an elixir of love. This is iReinvent myself.

I see you! I hear you! I am Listening! Is an inspiration shared by Karen Axalan ( World Pulse Encourager Advisor and Ambassador | Storyteller | Feature Writer | Development Worker. She was one of the speakers at The Aspire Reinvent Women Conference last October 13-14, 2020.  

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If you think and feel that you are DEPRESS here is a link, a warning signs for you to see, and if it’s time for you to seek help toward healing and recovery:

Free telephone Counselling Hotlines in the Philippines: and Mental Health Resources: